Do Home Security Systems Reduce Homeowners Insurance Costs?

Home security post image, shows phone, computer, etc.

A home security system could make as much as a twenty percent reduction in cost on your homeowners insurance.

 Having a monitored security system installed can make your home and property safer and save you money as well! The FBI reports that homes without security systems installed are three times more likely to be burglarized.

 Because of these facts, insurance companies realize that professionally installed and monitored security systems actually create a safer environment for homeowners. Because monitored security systems significantly reduce the chance that a home will be burglarized or be damaged by fire or water, there is reduced likelihood that claims will be filed. This saves the insurance company money and most of them are happy to pass that savings on to policy owners.

Because it is quite common for a homeowner’s insurance policy to be rolled into a mortgage payment, homeowners might not be aware of how much the actual cost is or how much they might be able to save simply by having a monitored security system installed. There are certainly plenty of expenses for homeowners, so cutting costs everywhere possible makes sense, especially if it also keeps the entire family safer.

At Liveoak Agency, we’ve got the expertise to examine your policy, compare it to what is available on the market, and make sure that your coverage is adequate, and if there are discounts for things such as monitored home security systems, we’ll be able to make sure they are applied, even if your premiums are bundled into a mortgage payment.

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