Crazy Things Your Home Insurance Probably Covers

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Here are 15 Events You Probably Didn’t Know Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Covers!

Most people don’t read their entire homeowner’s insurance policy, assuming that all policies are the same and everything is covered. This of course isn’t true. Depending on what state you live in, the type of property insured, etc., each homeowners insurance policy is different. Make sure you regularly sit down with an informed and knowledgeable agent, such as one of the agents at The Liveoak Agency, and go over your insurance need!

With That Being Said, There Are Some Things That Are Fairly Standard in Most Homeowners Policies. Here Are 15 of The More Unusual Ones

1. Some Natural Disasters – With the exception of floods, most homeowners insurance policies cover natural disasters like volcanoes or earthquakes.

2. Spoiled Food – most policies will cover up to $500 for food spoiled due to a power outage.

3. Falling Detritus – Yep, that flush on the airplane is supposed to be safe, but occasionally ‘blue ice’ which is frozen toilet waste from airplane lavatories falls out of the plane and hits a roof. Your insurance policy likely covers that as well.

4. Damaged Headstones – Damage from vandals to grave headstones are covered by the primary caretaker’s homeowners policy. Natural wear and shifting aren’t though.

5. Death in The Home – In the event that a murder, suicide or death occurs in the home, insurance policies usually cover the cost of cleanup after the fact.

6. Rain on Your Wedding Day – Home insurance also typically covers you when you have an event in your home or yard that becomes affected by a natural disaster. So when a storm comes along and rains out your wedding — that homeowners policy will probably cover some part of the relocation costs.

7. Legal Fees – The umbrella coverage portion of a policy usually takes care of defamation and wrongful death cases. Some high profile examples of this are O.J. Simpson and Bill Clinton, who used their homeowners policies to cover costs of legal battles they faced.

8. Wild Animal Stampedes – Damage caused by wild animals is covered. In unusual circumstances, such as during a forest fire, wildlife can gain access to the home. These incidents are covered.

9. Mandatory Upgrades – If a law or regulation is enacted that requires you to make improvements to the property, homeowners insurance usually covers these expenses.

10. Dog Bites – The average dog-bite claim costs around $25,000. Most policies will cover the costs of such claims.

11. Personal Injury – Even if you have an accident somewhere other than in your home, your homeowners insurance policy may cover it. The degree of this coverage can vary widely, but it may come in handy!

12. Hotel and Restaurant Expenses – Costs incurred due to having to vacate your home due to natural disasters are often covered by your policy. Be sure to keep all your receipts!

13. College Student’s Property – So long as your child maintains your address as their primary residence, your homeowners insurance policy likely will cover damages to their property in a dorm room.

14. Your Climate Control – Excluding loss due to normal wear and tear, if you heating or air conditioning is damaged by natural disaster, such as lightning, your homeowners insurance policy will probably cover it.

15. Nuclear Attack – Actually, no, your policy probably won’t cover damage from a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack. Other Acts of War can fall into gray areas, so check with your agent if this becomes an issue.

Everyone at the Liveoak Agency is here to help set this kind of coverage up just for you. Call us for a policy review of your insurance today!