All Boat Insurance Is Not The Same

Boat insurance post image, large waves engulfing a dock and boat.

Comprehensive Boat Coverage

 In general, boat insurance will cover you for loss or damage to your boat. In most cases it covers watercraft with motors, such as fishing boats, pontoon boats, paddle boats, leisure craft and even yachts. It is not common for boat insurance coverage to include smaller craft such as canoes, kayaks or personal watercraft however, which may be covered, in part, under a homeowner’s policy. It may be wise to add a special endorsement or even buy separate coverage for these smaller craft.

 Just as some smaller craft may not be covered by standard boat insurance, some types of damage might also be excluded in some policies or in some areas. For example, many policies will cover a problem such as a blown engine when the cause is a manufacturer’s defect, but do not provide coverage if it is due to normal wear and tear.

As independent agents, everyone at the Liveoak Agency will work closely with you to review potential gaps you may have in your existing boat coverage and help you understand what your options are.

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