backtoschoolAre your kids ready for for Back-to-School season?

That time has rolled around again! The time for not only your kids but parents as well to get ready for the new school year. We've curated some great tips to help with the process of getting ready.

All the summer vacation trips are in the history books. Celebrating July 4th just flew by (sans any bottle rocket injuries we hope!). Now it’s time for the crazy dash back-to-school. Becoming overwhelmed with School supply lists is a real risk, so be sure to to follow these helpful hints for getting your kiddos ready to resume the study halls!


Never Stop Reading!
Keep your reading muscles strong! Stimulate them by having the children read throughout the summer. Visit the local library for an afternoon adventure; letting the kids explore the shelves, choosing something from summer reading materials.

Don't Skip the School's Open House Event!
Attending these can help decrease kid's first day back jitters. It's also a great opportunity to meet your children's teachers and let's them get a feel for back to school locations and get exposure to new time schedules.

Go Shopping!
And don't forget to take the kids with you!. YES– take the kids. Even though struggling through back-to-school sales crowds can be stressful, bringing the kids along helps demonstrate that their input is important. This is a great way to get the kids to express themselves with personalized gear, bags, and clothing.

Celebrate Back-to-School Time!
Consider throwing a party and invite your friends and your kids friends over to catch up on all your summer adventures before setting off on new school experiences. Cake, punch and confetti can be a great way for kids come to terms with the depression of the end of summer vacation.

Organize Clothes
Get that closet set straight. Donate old clothes in sizes that don’t fit anymore, trash the mismatched socks and restock the drawers with excting new clothes. Enhance the morning preparation process by ordering the closet in such a wa you can get quick and easy access their clothes for a variety of weather and conditions.

Slow Down and Take Some Time
Going into the final weeks of summer, arrange the calendar to take a few special days to spend with your children. Foregoing errands and chores, just spend some good family quality time. This is a time to comfort and reassure any anxious children by encouraging them to focus on a fresh new start. Big hugs and a positive attitude goes a long way when brightening the spirits of little ones.

Snack Time
Just as summer must always come to it's end, it is certain that the kids will arrive home after school with the hungries. By planning ahead you can curb those pre-dinner appetite in a healthy way. Snacks lik fresh fruit, vegetables with hummus or just good ol' classic peanut butter and crackers are all fun ways to keep your kids healthy and happy but still hungry enough for dinner. Don't be afraid to ask the kids to help select afterschool snacks so you can know what goodies to stock in the pantry.

Sweet Reminders
Lunch box notes are great ways to send a little hug with your younger kids to enjoy in the middle of their school day. You don't need to pick out a carefully crafted card, just take time to throw in a sweet handwritten note. Jazz it up with glitter or craft paper to seal the deal..


Everyone at the Liveoak Agency hopes your back to school days are stress free and fun for you and your kids. Remember we are here to help make sure you have the kind of insurance coverage you need. Call us for a policy review of your insurance today!