A home security system could make as much as a twenty percent reduction in cost on your homeowners insurance.

Having a monitored security system installed can make your home and property safer and save you money as well! The FBI reports that homes without security systems installed are three times more likely to be burglarized.


Identity Teft

Tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

A victim of Identity theft can spend many months and sometimes years correcting the damage done by fraud caused by the theft of information associated with their bank accounts and credit cards. Just getting a credit rating corrected can be a nightmare. Take the following advice to protect yourself against identity theft.



Often renters don't realize how beneficial an insurance policy that protects their valuables in a catastrophe such as fire or theft.

It is a huge mistake to assume that damage or loss of your property will be covered by a landlord's insurance policy!. Rental property owners commonly carry only enough insurance to repair or replace the building or structures. It is the renter responsibility to insure his or her own personal property..

Christmas Family Risk Factors

Holiday and seasonal traditions can be fun but they can also increase risks. Be sure to play it safe this holiday season.

Festive candles and lights, electrical cords, trees and seasonal plants, and even baking and food serving activities all pose potential risks for injury or loss. Be sure you're being as safe as possible while enjoying your Christmas and New Year festivities!.


You might think a standard homeowners policy provides coverage for all your valuables, but most policies provide limited or no coverage for certain items — sometimes expensive ones.

If something catastrophic happened to your home (fire, tornado), would your insurance policy be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding it?